Start Learning Wing Tsun

Nobody is born a Kung Fu master. You have to train to become one. The path is not easy, but you will have no chance of walking it if you never start. If you are not sure whether you actually want to learn Wing Tsun, or any martial arts in general, then the best way is to just try it and see how it goes for you.

The first lesson is free, so you have nothing to lose.

How do I start?

  1. Select a club that suits you best: Tartu, Tallinn or Võru.
  2. Send an email or call the instructor of that club. They will be glad to answer any questions and arrange your first lesson. Make sure that you do not call during the training, however.
  3. Come to the training place at the time that you agreed on, and follow the instructions that the teacher gives. Please warn the instructor if there is any medical condition that limits your training.

What do I need for my first lesson?

  • Light-colored top, preferably a plain white T-shirt, that does not limit your movement
  • Dark-colored long pants that you can freely move in
  • Comfortable sports shoes

If you are missing some of the above, do not get discouraged. While discipline is important during trainings, and that implies uniforms, there is no point in forcing the new-comers to get a whole new set of clothes. There is no problem if at first you train in whatever clothes you have, except black-, red- and yellow-colored tops.

Bear in mind, however, that as you advance farther in your Wing Tsun training, you will be expected to get the appropriate uniform, including branded pants and a T-shirt.