Dai Si-Hing Kert Lehiste

Martial arts have always been my passion. In the early ages I used to practice Karate and Tai Chi. Since 2006, I am practicing Wing Tsun.

In 2011, I became a student of Si-Fu Linas Gudonavičius (5th grade master). By now, I have reached the 2nd master grade.

I have taken part in multiple summer camps with Si-Fu in Vepriai, Si-Kung’s camps in Kaunas and Si-Jo’s big seminars in Budapest.

Si-Hing Martti Miitel

I began to learn Leung Ting Wing Tsun system in the February of 2009.

I found WT by watching Bruce Lee movies. Once upon a time, in the gym, I was talking to someone about my interest in martial arts and that I’m looking for the martial art that Bruce Lee did. A student of Leung Ting Wing Tsun named Marek heard me and introduced me to the system and took me to the trainings.

Currently I am a first grade master.

I have participated in several summer camps in Vepriai with Si-Fu and Si-Kung’s summer camps in Kaunas. Also I visited Si-Jo Leung Ting’s seminar in Poland in the November of 2013 and in Hungary in the April of 2015.