Fighting Principles

Stick with what comes. When the opponent enters our fighting range, we immediately move towards them and engage them.

Follow what retreats. When the opponent retreats, we will follow them with a relentless attack.

When the way is free, move forward. When the opponent’s defense has been penetrated, attack.

Yield to the greater force. When we feel that the opponent’s force is great, we move away from the force and use it against him, adding our own.

Force Principles

Free yourself of your force. No matter how strong you are, you should be able to relax your muscles. If you apply all the force that you have, you will lose speed. There will always be someone physically stronger than you.

Free yourself from the opponent’s force. Similarly to the fighting principles, it is important to free yourself from the opponent’s force, not to fight against it.

Use the opponent’s force against them. When the opponent is strong, be soft.

Add your force to the opponent’s force. The force that we use in a fight reflects the opponent’s force, adding our own to it.