What is Wing Tsun?

Wing Tsun is a modern highly practical and efficient martial art system. It is firmly grounded in physics, human anatomy and biomechanics. Wing Tsun is suitable for all men and women, regardless of age, body composition or athleticism, as it teaches to overcome the opponent using superior technique instead of brute force. See the principles page for more information about how it works.

According to the legend, Wing Tsun was created around 300 years ago by buddhist nun Ng Mui. She then taught it to one Yim Wing Tsun, whose name the system now bears. The knowledge was kept a closely guarded secret, passed from teacher to student, until in 1960s it was popularized by Great Grandmaster Yip Man. See the history page to learn more about how Wing Tsun came to be.

Nowadays, Wing Tsun is widely spread across the world, with over a million practitioners in more than 65 countries. It is also used by numerous law enforcement and military organizations such as the Hungarian police forces. Our school belongs to the Leung Ting WingTsun® branch and is a recognized member of the International Wing Tsun Association. You can find the detailed family tree on the lineage page.